Web Video Distribution

Web video creators have a number of options for distributing videos over the internet. Most web videos can be distributed to video-sharing websites such as Youtube, Daily Motion, and other video streaming websites. However, there are also ways to distribute videos to a targeted audience on websites and social media.

Video Sharing Platforms

This is one of the easiest and most entertaining ways of sharing videos and readers are surprised to learn that there are more video sharing websites than just Youtube. Some other video sharing websites include DailyMotion, Vimeo, MetaCafe, Flickr and many more. All of the video sharing websites are relatively easy to use and uploading information is a matter of signing up to the website with a few pieces of personal information. The user then signs in to the website and uploads videos. Most of the websites also offer opportunities to categorize videos into channels or topics. Some offer different packages based on the number of Gigabytes that creators anticipate using.

Social Media–

A number of social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and many others allow users to upload videos for either personal or promotional purposes. The duration of videos will depend on the features of the social media website as well the intended use of the video. Most social media websites offer some free forms of video distributions but may charge money to post longer videos or videos that are purely for promotional purposes. The amount charged by social media websites will depend on where the video is posted on the website and how much attention the algorithms give to a creator. For example, a creator makes a web video for a young target audience. It is intended for Snapchat and the videos are created for Snap Ads which pop up while people are using it.


Many websites feature promotional web videos to give information to a targeted and more defined audience. There a number of reasons why website owners upload videos to websites. The first reason is that web videos are an easy way for people to click through to other social media or video sharing websites. This results in higher rankings on the websites and also demonstrates the social proof and legitimacy of the creator. The web videos are also an entertaining way to provide information from users that have clicked through from other websites, and social media. This is one way to ensure that the website ranks higher in Google search rankings.

Web Videos for the Open Market

Some web videos that were originally made for Youtube or other websites become so popular that they make their way onto DVD and other forms of media. They are then distributed through online shopping websites such as Amazon or eBay.

Web video distribution will depend on the purpose of the creator and the intended audience that the videos are being created for. Personal web videos might just be uploaded privately to Youtube while promotional videos may be distributed through a number of means in order to increase web traffic, social media traffic and contribute to the overall social proof of a creator.