Video Editing Software

Video editing is one of the most important steps of the web video creation process and even amateurs can benefit from some of the features of quality video editing software. Some of the video editing software is relatively cheap  and still covers most editing features like compression for exemple. Other programs are expensive and much more comprehensive. Such programs have specialized editing feature that only professionals would notice. Video creators on a budget may see editing software as a luxury and may be limited to the simple video editing software of video sharing platforms. Here is some video editing software and the benefits of each program:

Adobe Premier Pro

This program is so comprehensive and of such good quality that it continues to hold a very high ranking among video editors. Adobe Premiere Pro can meet the needs of any video creator. Films, television and Web videos can all be edited with Adobe Premiere Pro. 360-degree virtual reality and some of the importing and exporting features are unique to Adobe Premier Pro. Almost every angle, shade, color and special effect can be found on Adobe Premiere Pro.

Apple Final Cut Pro (Mac friendly)

Apple’s Final Cut Pro X is perfect for amateurs and budding professional video creators. The program is most suitable for Mac and is one of the easiest programs to use for web editing. It features tags, awesome color choice, and shortcuts for fast and efficient editing. Apple Final Cut rivals Adobe Premier Cut Pro for import and export capabilities. It has received mixed reviews for compatibility with other video editing software.

Corel VideoStudio Pro X10

This program is made for web video editing, in particular, Youtube. Some of the features are compatible with Youtube such as transitions and effects. it is compatible with a number of other video editing software such as Pro X10. Some of the unique features of the program include 360-degree views, Ultra HD and 3D. The program takes time to learn but the slow motion, high-speed effects, and multiple effects make the creative process easier. Music can also be incorporated easily into the editing process.

Premier Clip (Smartphone friendly)

Premiere Clip is suitable for iOS and Android phones. The app is free for users and is suitable for creative web editors that are sending their work to Social Media. Videos from the phone, Lightroom, Creative Cloud and Dropbox can be imported into Premier clip. It is then possible to use the app’s editor to trim or split clips, adjust contrast, light, audio and much more.

There are a large number of video editing programs on the market and most have the same basic features. The choice of program is up to the individual. Some programs are much more suitable for certain niches for video. For example, mobile video editing programs are suitable for quick videos that are posted to the more mobile-friendly platforms such as Snapchat. Other programs are for the serious video editors that make professional films. There is a video editing program for everyone and it all comes down to budget and preference.