How to Make a Youtube Channel

Making Youtube web videos is not just the latest craze since millions of people around the world are making entertaining and valuable Youtube video content that is also profitable. A Youtube Channel video distribution allows the user to make a set of videos which can be created, edited and distributed on the internet for a target audience just like a television channel. For example, an online marketer may make a channel with an impressive banner and logo to gain more subscribers for their SEO business. A private user may just make simple videos for friends and family. It only takes a matter of minutes to make a Youtube Channel for private or business purposes.

Make a Google Account

Youtube can only be used by signing in with a Gmail account. Signing up for Gmail makes it possible to access all of Google’s products such as Google Drive, Google maps and a huge amount of other products.

To sign up for Google go to and enter the relevant information such as name, birthday, mobile number and more.

Once the account has been created, the Google username will be the same on YouTube and many other Google products.

Youtube Access and Features

Subscribers will choose a channel based on the look, entertainment value and quality of content. The user should also think about the look of the channel and if any logo or branding will be required to drive traffic.

Sign on to YouTube and click on ‘Create Channel’ to start uploading videos.

Further customisation can occur by clicking on ‘My Channel’ and ‘Customise Channel’. This reveals different ways to add visual and informational value to the channel. Editing the title and description, as well as video management and channel art, are all possible under the ‘Customise Channel’ icon. Click the settings icon next to the ‘Subscribe’ button on your channel to customize the layout of the channel and privacy matters. it is also possible to add a trailer if necessary under this icon.

Upload Videos to YouTube

This can be one of easiest steps for uploaders.

Just log in and click the ‘Upload’ button at the top of the YouTube website to access the upload page. Videos can be dragged or uploaded by clicking the large upload screen and then browsing for videos to put on YouTube. The user can also click Import next to the ‘Import Videos’ area on the right of the upload page for the purposes of uploading from ‘Google Photos’.

Edit the YouTube Video

Users can edit videos by clicking on the ‘Video Editor’. The uploader can add a title, captions, split the video into clips, add photos, import audio, and make video transitions. Videos can also be added to a custom playlist to make following along easier for viewers. It can also make organising easier. for the creator.

These tips for making a Youtube Channel will have you promoting, entertaining and sharing videos with your target audience within minutes. Once the user navigates the Youtube website, it will become an entertaining platform to share all kinds of visual information with people all over the world.