Creating Web Videos

Creating web videos can be as easy as using a phone or computer for a personal video. A business or short film may be more complex and require a video recorder. Good quality and engaging web videos have huge advertising and marketing potential. Some of the simplest web videos can be the most effective for certain target audiences. Here are a few suggestions to make the best videos possible on the web;

Do the Research

No video can be made without understanding the purpose and content required for the audience. The research may be informational, promotional or just for plain entertainment. It may be a good idea to consult books, the internet and other people about the topic. Some different type of web movies include tutorials, blog videos, historical content, compilations, reviews, interview how to compress the video etc.

Make a Script

A script can as be as simple as a few dot points on a piece of paper or a professional script that has actions, sounds, props and other important information. The creator should think about the type of music, text and adverting within the web video before even thinking about making a video.

Choose the Equipment

A short video about going to a shop and talking to a shopkeeper may be filmed entirely on a mobile phone. However, a professional short film may require a video camera and other equipment. It is also possible to make a video of an individual conversation from a web camera. It is important to consider the expectations of the target audience and the quality of the equipment. For example, mobile phone cameras are usually not high quality compared to a professional video camera.

Make the Video

The considerations for making a video depends on the intention of the creator. Here are a few things to consider when making a video;

  • Consider the light

Natural daylight may be variable outside as opposed to inside lighting which is much more consistent. Sufficient for the movie should also be considered.

  • Consider the movement and jerk of the camera

Try to keep the recording device still, It may be easier to have someone else hold the camera or phone.

  • Consider the background noise and distractions

This is often unexpected but can be extremely annoying to watch on film

Transferring and Editing the Video

All modern video recording equipment can transfer videos to the web easily through the use of SD cards or by sending the content through Bluetooth, email, Google Drive, and other means.

The editing of video can be completed in programs such as Enlight Videoleap (for iphones) and HitFilm 4 Express ( for Mac and Windows). Transferring video from a phone is possible by opening the YouTube App, tapping the video camera icon, and selecting the video to be uploaded. Uploading the video to Google Drive and then opening it on YouTube is another option.

The web video creator must consider these tips for better creations but are only limited by their creativity and learning ability. The process for making web videos becomes easier as the creator becomes familiar with the equipment and the transfer of information to the relevant websites. Eventually, web videos can be made quickly and to the highest quality.