Compressing Web Videos – How to guide

Making a web video requires the creator to consider the overall size of the video which is to be uploaded to a video sharing websites or email. Most laptops come with programs that will compress files for the web video creator. Mobile phone videos can be compressed by downloading file slimming apps. There are also a number of programs on the market which can be either downloaded onto a laptop for free or a small fee. Here is a list of options for web video compression.

Built in Programs

Here are some file compression programs that are usually built into most Windows or Mac computers;

WinZip – Most windows computers include WinZip which makes large files smaller and more movable without changing the quality of the web video. Compressing the file is as simple as right-clicking on the file and sending it to WinZip where it can easily be compressed. It can then be attached or uploaded to a video sharing website or email.

Mac Compression – One of the features people love on Mac computers is their easy to use compression programs. It is possible to compress a video file by opening iMovie doing some editing and clicking on the downward-facing arrow in the menu bar. This is used to import video from a camera or a file. The user then opens the movie and exports the video once it has been editing. Clicking ‘File’, ‘Share’, ‘Email’ and choosing ‘Small’ decreases the file size. If the creator doesn’t need to edit the video, it is a matter of using control-click on the video icon and selecting compress from the contextual menu that which will open and create a smaller version of the video. The file can then be emailed or uploaded.

Compression Programs

Quick Time – This program can be used by clicking the video file and selecting ‘open with QuickTime Player’. The creator then clicks ‘File’ in the upper-left corner of the screen. They select ‘Export’ and a video quality is then saved by adding a name and saving the file in a specific location. he video creator clicks “Where” then the location of the file to be saved. They click ‘Save’ in the bottom-right corner of the window to begin compressing. Once the video finishes compressing, the user goes to the video’s save location and uploads it from there.

WinRar – Using WinRar is as simple as right-clicking on the file to be compressed and selecting ‘Add to filename.rar’. Wait for the compression to finish. Once this is completed, then the highly compressed file is ready to be uploaded or emailed.

Slimming Video on iPhones

There are a number of apps that are suitable for compressing videos on iphones. ‘Video Slimmer’ is a program that can compress files easily by opening the app. Select ‘More’ to choose the dimensions and resolutions for the smaller video. Tap the + button to load the video that is to be compressed. Select ‘Slim Now’. The app reduces the video to specified dimensions and resolution, and it’s ready for email attachment.

Compressing files should not be a difficult task as there are numerous free and paid compression programs off the internet. Once the creator adjust a few settings, it is just a matter of clicking a few times to compress and share web videos.