Web Videos

Web videos are one of the most versatile and entertaining ways to communicate on the internet. They have become a profitable undertaking for many web video creators. The creation of streaming video on youtube, distribution, editing and the whole web video process is relatively simple and has opened up new creators and audiences to a form of communication. Such forms of communication were non-existent twenty years ago. This website aims to promote the most up to date and relative information about web video creation.

Modern communication has been changing since the introduction of the internet and the current trend is for visual and video communication over written forms. Social media and video sharing websites are now a major part of individuals day to day lives. Entertainment, education, marketing, and business are all ways of using web videos. The potential web traffic and connections to websites and social media make web videos invaluable.

This website wants to be inclusive of most individuals in the web video community. It provides the latest trends in web video information, technical aspects of video creating and profitability.

This website look at all matters of web video creation such as;

  • distribution of web videos through various platforms on the internet
  • using SEO and other tactics to increase rankings on video sharing websites, social media, and


  • monitoring of web videos presence through analytics and other metrics
  • editing tips, tricks, and new trends
  • cybersecurity and web safety
  • copyright and legal issues
  • recent and future trends for video marketing

Web videos can contribute to the lives of people throughout the world. The videos can be crucial to people with little access to education and also provide a level playing field for people wanting to carve a business or marketing niche on the internet.

Web videos allow people to express themselves to large and small audiences across the world. it allows people to share their knowledge and expertise. It is also a valuable space for entertainers that have something to offer the world but have very few opportunities to contribute in their real life. Web video platforms have allowed many people to post information and contribute to discussions that they may feel too embarrassed about or even receive retribution for in their normal day to day lives. Many comedians, entertainers, highly knowledgeable people and musicians have all started their journey on web video and even transitioned their work to the real world as a result of successful web video efforts.

This website is well aware of the criticisms from the mass media of social media and video sharing websites. Websites are trying to adapt to these criticisms and this process has not been easy. However, it is the belief of this community that these issues can be solved by conversation.

We hope that readers will find what they are looking for on this website.There is an abundance of information which will assist amateur and professional web video creators. This website hopes that all readers can find any pieces of vital information that can improve their web video creations.

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